Introducing Demeter


What We Do

Demeter is democratizing large assets - by taking things like harvests, farms, and even apartment buildings; putting them on the blockchain and allowing anyone to invest directly in them: whether that means buying 10% or 0.0001% of the overall asset.

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Who We're Right For

Demeter is an investment platform for lower-risk, predictable assets.  We don't host neat startups, or speculative technologies - we take highly predictable assets like harvests of farms that have been in business for 5+ years, or real estate that is currently occupied, and allow it's owners to raise money from anyone who might be able to invest.  We can give those asset owners relatively cheaper access to capital, liquidity, and an easier ability to hedge.

Demeter is right for any investor willing to take more risk than their savings account, but less than the stock market - whether they're interested in investing $5 or $50m.


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